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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Where the green grass grows...

The air smells differently in Southern Alabama. Really!It's a combination of pine, red dirt and something else I can never quite point out and all of the other glorious greenery that surrounds where my grandparents live. I love stepping outside of my Mamaw's house in the morning with a cup of coffee to take a deep breath in, willing for a way to bottle it up and take it home or create a scented candle to light when I'm feeling lonely. It makes me sad to think a day will come when I never get to experience that familiar smell of my grandparents' homes. Does that make sense?  I look over at the garage and picture my Dad, Papaw and Uncles shucking coolers full of oysters that will likely be consumed on a saltine with ketchup. These days I prefer to slurp them right from the shell.

I have a similar feeling about Illinois (where I grew up) in July. Everything is so green and alive and the smell of fresh cut grass is just everywhere. I immediately am taken back to my childhood and playing for hours outside. It's intoxicating and half the reason I love visiting home in the summer.
But there is something extra special about Alabama air to me.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Crazy Life...

How much do you love having a day or week when you really believe that everything is amazing? Like EVERYTHING! Great right!? I had one last week. How fun. Ha! I have not blogged in a week or so and I do apologize. The last week or two have been a little crazy and I just haven't found the time to devote good thoughts to my blog. Here's a run down;  Aiden had Spring Break (which means trying to cram working and mothering into each day...not easy at all), we found out we're having a sweet baby girl and so naturally I've been obsessing over nursery ideas and eyeing every cute outfit on the market. We got to head down and visit with my grandparents and some other family in Alabama which was lovely and much needed, I've been getting my house ready for my Easter guests, I got my dream glider in my fave color (it's the little things), I've had other career related crazy things happening. Basically, the blog wasn't making it on the priority list (womp, womp)

However, this week I think I may actually have time to write which makes me so happy. I'm instantly in a great mood because I love Easter. The holiday. The Easter dresses. The Egg hunts. I love it all so this should be a super fun week. Lots to share with you too. From finding out we were having a girl, a pregnancy update and some thoughts on the past. I am ready for a fresh week.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Backyard Updates

As I posted a while back, we have been busy coming up with ways to liven up the backyard a bit. It's been super fun and Home Depot loves us! A few important bits of information:

Disclaimer: I in no way claim to be a DIY goddess, crafty or prone to coming up with good ideas on my own where home décor (specifically anything that requires paint or tools) is concerned. This blog was never meant for such projects. However, if you're like me and see perfect and gorgeous pictures online and KNOW that yours will never look that good then we should be friends. I figure it's worth sharing what I've learned to those who are like-minded. Together we can attempt to be DIY'ers!

Old Patio Furniture: We had some wood patio furniture out back that was looking pretty rough. It had seen better days. It was suggested that we throw it out, but knowing that I wasn't ready to drop the coin on NEW patio furniture I thought maybe we could salvage it for one more summer. It turns out spray paint is really a miraculous invention. Look for the kind specifically for outdoor use (Painter's Touch). It breathed new life into what could have been curbside and I actually prefer the bright pops of color.

It looks so sad doesn't it?

And just like that....pretty as a peach er...or orange!

Pallet Herb Garden:
I saw some spectacular versions of this on Pinterest that were worthy of the pages of Better Homes & Garden. A few were a tad too ambitious for this gal in this stage of my journey to craftiness. I knew I wanted to use cans for an herb garden and that I wanted them displayed somehow but I lacked the vision. We landed on a pallet because we knew it'd be sturdy enough to hold up the plants. We had some dead space on the deck to fill so we decided that would be the ideal location for the herb garden and it got decent sun.

Tip: If you ask at Home Depot they have two kinds of pallets. The ones you pay for and the ones that are free. Gee, wonder which one I'll take!? Score! I picked up the cans, some more spray paint and got the party started. World Market (my favorite store) sells chalk labels so I thought that would cute it up bit. The Hubs busted out some power tools and we made a few holes in the bottom of each can for drainage and then screwed them onto the pallet. I'd love to scuff up the pallet a bit and make it look more worn but the Georgia heat may help me out. This was super easy and made me feel like there is hope for me yet! We'll see if I can keep the herbs alive.

We still have more work to do. Lots of plants need to be potted and we're working on a play area in the yard but all in good time! I'd love to see some of your projects for inspiration too :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tiny Living

Along with my obsession of all things coastal I am equally obsessed with the mountains, or to be specific, tiny cabin living. There are two things I am certain of that I want in this life: a beach bungalow and a tiny cabin. Some days I become insanely overwhelmed with the notion of saying "Screw it!" Packing up my family, heading to the mountains, building a sweet & amazing tiny cabin and throwing all electronics out our window on the way there. I probably scare my husband sometimes, but he seems to dig the idea for the most part. Today is such a day. Let's face it. Life is just nuts sometimes. It's too much. Wouldn't it be kind of sweet to live in a bubble of love with your family? No outside influences or distractions? (I've been watching way too much Alaska: the Last Frontier ANYWAYS....

So I thought instead of keeping it to myself it'd be fun to share with you some of my favorite "Cabin Porn". Cue the Barry White music...oooohhhh yeah!!!! 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy as a Bloomin Flower...


Here are just a few things that made me smile this week:

- Witnessed my first organized sport game as a parent and realized I have the makings of becoming 'that parent' one day. Really never thought I'd find such enjoyment in watching Aiden learn a sport. I surprise myself everyday.
- Spring is here! Who didn't celebrate that this week? Flowers bloomed in our yard and it just looks and feels great.


- French Café radio: I watched Blue Jasmine this week and it was great but I mostly just love any soundtrack that incorporates that jazzy French music ("When Harry Met Sally", "Something's Gotta Give"..heaven). No better way to compliment the feelings of Spring than to listen to this station on Pandora. It takes the edge off of spring cleaning. I felt like I was in a Woody Allen movie or walking the streets of Paris. A girl can dream no?

- Backyard projects are taking shape. The garden bed was built and other projects are coming to life. Lots of paint involved but I am really happy. Check! Feels good to stop talking about it and do it. More on that down the road.
- Art: Oh my gosh! I am not an art person AT ALL. I frame random pictures I find online and the nicest piece I've ever bought was in the Marietta Square for $60. But I can't WAIT to share with you the painting we just had done for us and the story behind it. My expectations were mild and it has blown me away. Let's just say it takes my love of all things beachy to a new level and I will stare at it every day for the rest of my life. True love. (any tips on framing a big piece of art?)

I hope that you all have a spectacular weekend. Put that phone down a little, enjoy the simplicity in small moments and roll with it! XO


Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I've mentioned a time or ten that I just love music. I love to sing it, play it, watch it live, read lyrics, etc...
If you haven't heard of Johnnyswim then I suggest you get ready to make some purchases on iTunes. I couldn't decide which song to post because they are all amazing and beautiful and sexy. This couple just blows me away. Be sure to check out Heart Beats, Annie, and Adelina for starters.

They will be in Atlanta in May and I really hope I can go to this show. "Bonsoir" is such a hot song. I love it and hope you do too.

Who are you listening to? Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Stop. Watch. and Roll with it

I like to think of myself as an active parent. Active in this case at the playground. I like to get in there, play hide and seek, go down a slide, play with my kid until he inevitably makes friends with another kid and gives me the boot. (this is happening much more frequently now and totally depresses me) I make an effort though. I think it's important.

However, I have noticed some behavior of mine (and other parents) that just stinks. Once he is off and running with a new 'friend' for that 30 minutes we are there something almost instantaneous happens. The phone comes out annnnnd....I'm off....checking my work emails, facebook, instagram, pinterest, etc..pick your poison. It just comes natural to look at it, as natural as looking at your watch for the time.

This happened the other day, and as I looked up from my phone to see what the little guy was up to I noticed that the other parents around me were doing the same thing. I looked over at Aiden and he was very deeply involved in some make believe and was just saying and doing the cutest stuff and his little butt crack was showing and it was so cute and I almost missed that! And for what? To see where a friend of a friend was checking into for lunch? To look at another project on Pinterest that I'll likely never do, to look at a photo on instagram of someone I don't even know? To check the work email that can certainly wait until I get home in an hour? Is it worth it? NO. Of course not! I know that. Right?

Did anyone else read the study done in Boston last week on parents who were focused more on their devices than on the children at dinner? You can read it here. It's super depressing and while I don't categorize myself as one of these parents I know I'm guilty of the behavior.

Well that ends now. From now on I am putting the phone away or turning it off during certain moments or leaving it behind completely. That means no more phone during mealtime, playtime, family time,etc...because I need to watch what is happening in front of me. I need to remember these little moments and capture them in my head instead of on my phone. Let's all stop what we're doing. watch our kids and roll with it, enjoy it, take it in....I'm taking back my place at the playground. Super Present Mom!!!!  It's more important than anything my Iphone can ever tell me.